Caelus Thönon

Cleric of Heironeous


Caelus grew up in the small village of Orheim, known for its iron and copper mines. His father, Trenton, was lost to illness from working in the mines when Caelus was young. His mother, Emelia, made a meager living working as a barmaid to keep food on the table after Trenton passed.

Since he was young, Caelus had a strong sense of justice and felt the call of something greater than the life he could have in a small mining village. Raised on stories of Hieroneous and Hextor, he felt it was his duty to protect the less fortunate and the weak. This brought him much grief in his early years, as he came home more than once covered in bruises after defending another child from bullies in town, or calling off an a drunk who was harassing women on the street.

When he was old enough, he began working in the mine to help his mother with mounting bills and loans that kept their small family from going hungry. The work was hard, but the pay kept them from the streets. With extra wages, they were able to pay off their debts and even began saving up some money to try and leave for the Capital.

Unfortunately, tragedy befell their village. A small tribe of barbarians claiming holy right began attacking and razing the village. Emelia did not survive the first attack. Stricken with grief, Caelus banded together with others in the town to fight the barbarians off, but were ill equipped and untrained – he was lucky to have escaped with his life. In the days following the attack, Clerics and Paladins of various faiths came to the aid of the town and began aiding in the attacks. He befriended a female Cleric of Hieroneous by the name of Talia Tresgard, who healed his wounds and helped bury his mother.

With the aid of the holy warriors, the townsfolk were able to drive off the tribe. With the threat gone, the village began to rebuild. Caelus, however, found his purpose. After watching Talia and the others help defend the town, he knew that his calling was to be a source of divine justice and to help those in need. He begged Talia to bring him back with her to the Capital, and eventually she gave in.

Caelus traveled to the capital where Talia took him under her wing and guided him in becoming a part of the church. He was taught to read and write, which he was surprisingly fond of. Under the tutelage of the Clergy, he was trained in the art of war which he found a natural talent in.

After many years, he was given Hieronoeous’ favor and his prayer evoked Divine Magic and he felt the call to go out into the world. With the blessing of Talia and the Clergy, he set out from the Capital to aid where he could and to spread the Glory of Hieroneous.

Journal – Caelus

Caelus Thönon

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