Khaden Ravenskye



Khaden’s Journal

Father was well trained in it, in the fighting style, but mother was a warlock and that that is something that my sister also was part of. She trained herself but she was very young and when I got back from town it just so happened my sister came to me and she was crying so I when I tried to walk into the house to get mother and father she begged and pleaded that I didn’t and in the end I ended up opening the door and she ended up casting a spell that lightly brush to the top of my head turning my hair white in a spot but also lighting the house on fire. Naturally warlock Powers were frowned upon and and that was if they were used in a poor manner. However my sister was not evil it was an accident and so I picked her up and it took off I probably ended up falling and tripping multiple times hitting my head I’m sure at least once due to of my hair being in my face so for the most part anymore and as far as I’m concerned all the white hair has been cut out though I tend to try to keep those cut so if they do grow back white I have never seen it. The sad thing is anymore I don’t remember much, I remember my sister I remember my family but anything in between that I don’t know. If I had been sooner if I had been able to rescue her sooner she’d still be here and she might be of some use but she’s not and that is something I will always hold against myself. So with that in mind I think that I might sometimes hear her though the others don’t seem to maybe I’m just going crazy but that’s an unlikely thing. Hopefully I can get that straightened out.

Khaden Ravenskye

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