Nerium Oleander “Ollie” Ink-Well

Wielder of Dark Tainted Magic


4’ 10” – Dwarven Female

Blonde short hair crookedly cut and colored violet on the ends

Green eyes

Two Oleander flower tattoos:
1. Right shoulder
2. Left side of chest below collar bone

Ear piercings: 4 hoops in left ear / 2 hoops in right ear

Nose piercing: dainty hoop

Belly button: flower ring

Burn scar on the back of her Right hand diagonally
pinky to thumb and back to wrist

Usually seen using a squared glasses of various colors.


Ollie’s Letters

Nerium Oleander “Ollie” Ink-Well

“Began her life as the smallest sailor on the planet; not just in stature but age as well and her vessel was not much more than a wonky little child’s learner skiff. Her crew of hops and barley huddled tight and cowardly in little baskets lashed carefully to the transport. “Ollie’s” first mate was bright pink and spent it’s time bravely wrapped tightly around it’s tiny captain trying very hard to protect her from the rough winding waters ahead. With blue skies and promise ahead of them they raced away from the angry black clouds, red flickering sky, and screaming natives of a land she would never fully know.

The crisp waters surrounded the little vessel and battered it about like a spoiled selfish toddler throwing a tantrum because it could not keep it; and if they could not then no one could have it. The petite ship moved of the world’s will further downstream passing along through hands of brush and the curious tails of cats. However these few would not be the only of the world’s dangers to notice the small ship as it drifted along at fate’s whim.

This new danger would come from above in the form of black screaming shadows. Their strange shapes fell over the small boat and circled around a few times while calling out loudly to the others. As these monsters descended from the world above a few of the crew decided to put on brave faces and sacrifice themselves for the tiny captain. These brave crewmen did a good job distracting the evil beasts that fell from the sky. Although the frantic display of movement accompanying these winged fiends lasted only a few moments, it was long enough to upset the fair captain. At the noise and loss of her crew she thundered an angry war cry. This cry was so sudden and so dramatic it shattered the winged fiend’s forces like a fist through glass.

As the days warm bright blue sky gave way to polka-dotted cooler darkness the dinky captain found comfort in the gentle rocking of the ship and did some drifting of her own. Then as light cascaded over her and the ship again; the blue and white lumpy upper world changed into a green flickering one and sweet smells danced on the air. The little boat and what was left of the crew tiredly bounced along the borders of the wet blue road. By this time the pint-sized ship was in need of repair and the first mate was rather afraid that it’s protection was waning. Then suddenly the little ship came to a stop. Everyone on board froze and waited fear gripping their very small beings. Was this the end of the journey? Could they even keep going?

Fearful the lot of them waited and watched the sky. However it would not be long after the halted movement before the delicate captain would become impatient and begin to rock the boat. As the minute commander began to grumble there was a sudden shift in the sky. Just above the small stranded craft the air rippled and the light danced off a beautiful bubble in an opalescent rainbow. This display pleased the captain. But suddenly the ship lurched and the captain let out a squawk that cut through the still air and made the shadows lurch from the green upper world. That sound and sight made the captain further upset and then to make matters worse the beautiful bubble burst and drenched the damaged vessel. The first mate was scared and thought it was all over when who should arrive but a giant in a brown dress. He took only a moment before scooping up the petite captain and whisking her off for a life of adventure.”

*With a smile on her round face Ollie closed the small leather bound book and looked at the five wide eyed children around her. The nun, Sister Mariam, stood in the doorway with the same soft grin she wore every weeks end as she listened and watched. Her hands clasped gently in her lap as she enjoyed the first adventure of Captain Petite.

Ollie rose off the small child sized stool she sat upon and gave a round of hugs to the group of what she called “Forget-me-nots”; otherwise known as the children of the local orphanage. Although, Ollie liked her name for them better. She loved coming here and sharing stories with the little ones almost as much as she liked writing the stories. Keeping the stories just exciting enough to not upset, but adventurous enough to entertain was a fine line; but there was always a hopeful theme about them. She wanted these kids to know that there was a Giant in a Dress out there for them all, they just might have to float around a bit until they find each other.

It was a good message and one the nuns at ‘Sisters of Hope’ chapel could certainly support. And so it was only after hugs, promises of next week, and of course lollipops that Ollie headed out the front of the chapel.

To say that she came solely for the time with the children would be false. In all honesty she came because she was supposed to. Every week she came and dropped off little bits and bobs that her father crafted to make the nuns lives and the people of the small village lives easier. Ollie would come with her basket of first aid items, jams, herbal remedies, and skins for the people to use as the chapel saw fit. But it was the children she personally came for because she knew what it was like to be a “forget-me-not.”

Nerium Oleander Ink-Well is who she became because whoever she was before was unknown for she was a foundling. She was the little captain aboard a rickety river skiff piled with hops and barley for beer; her father had told her that much. Although the way he told it was so unexciting and not entertaining in the least, so she embellished a bit. This is the trend for the bulk of her life and her journeys. Everything to “Ollie” is larger than life and more exciting than it appears to her peers. She will tell you: “Just because I’m small, does not mean my life has to be.”

“Ollie” as she likes to be called started her life on a day only known by the Gods and in some colony of Dwarves that has long been forgotten by men. Since men’s lives are fleeting they tend to retain the now more than the then. However there are those who do know of the past and just do not care; her father is one such individual.

Clearwater Ink-Well is an Elven man and as such is mostly concerned with what concerns an Elven man. In Clear’s world his concern is magic. He is the self-proclaimed greatest local wizard and Ollie of course sees her father as such as well. Even when cross words are spoken and his love seems less than loving the adoration she has for her father is unshakable. Ollie so aspires to be like him that somehow in her quest to seem more intellectual she has tied his use of glasses to intelligence.

Even though she does not need them, this longing to be smart like her father has manifested itself in the need of eyeglasses. Ollie is obsessed with them and has many pairs; just like her fathers but with different colored lenses. These tools make her feel able to accomplish anything and yet when she is without them she feels worthless and incompetent. There is actually a panic that wells deep within her chest and will insist that she cannot help.

Clear never wanted the trappings of family. He never sought out long term relationships or even dreamed of littering his home with ‘a messy little beast’; as he sometimes called her. In his opinion, one he was all too happy to share, things like other people just got in the way of greatness. If you concerned yourself with others then that was energy you were not spending on you or your pursuits and therefore wrong. These were the virtues often preached at length when Ollie could not comply with his requests or frustrated her father by her ineptitude.

Nonetheless Ollie was a cleaver child and a curious one, but had absolutely no magical spark. This was something her father refused to believe and simply blamed her beer soaked mother for Ollie’s inability. Clear was overbearing to say the least and would always push Ollie as far as he could until either she got hurt trying or he got frustrated to the point he needed a nap. But even in his restful state her work was not done. For it was decreed that if she could not perform then she was to go to her corner and study. Part of this ‘studying’ was to write in the language of the wizards over and over until her hand ached and then she could swap to the other, because there was a certain amount that needed completion before father woke.

Sometimes she was able to finish, sometimes not. Ollie had a tendency to be easily distracted. This distraction came in the form of doodles and her overactive imagination. Ollie has a love of ink. There is something about the texture and smell of it that she just enjoys. Ollie normally fair haired took to using her father’s ink to color it; even learned how to make her own out of harvested materials. This love of ink leaves Ollie with not only stained fingers but also hair and a love of tattoos. It also upsets her father who feels there is better use for ink than decoration. So this display of artistic flair would lead to her having to do more studying and even more writing.

Sadly for Ollie it would take years and a severe injury before her father stepped off her backside about the magic; but never stopped. The spell was a simple one and ‘something any half-wit’ he said could manage; a magic missile. Needless to say it was not ‘manageable’ for her and not only proved her to be a ‘half-wit’ but also left her with a scar on the back of her right hand to commemorate the failure. Her hand was healed just enough to leave a ‘reminder’ for her to apply herself fully next time.

While magic was not Ollie’s strong suit her father would come to realize the girl had quite a knack for the natural world around them. Whatever he taught her about the plants and animals she retained with great detail. He would come to find that her memory did not stop there either; she was very adept at finding paths. This was of great interest to her father who would test Ollie by leading her out somewhere and then suddenly fly away in a random direction. Much to his surprise she always made it home and almost always with some kind of animal for dinner, wild grown vegetables, and of course berries for dessert. After all Father loved berry pie and jams.

Ollie also liked to cook; she was self-taught of course, making use out of his mother’s old cookbook which he never opened. The book was very nice and carefully written. Not only did it contain family secret recipes, techniques, and shortcuts; but just behind the cover there was a very personalized inscription to someone his mother called “Lovely Buttercup.” Ollie only made the mistake once of asking her father about the very personal inscription on the first page; she was sent to sleep outside that night in the rain. Miserably she huddled by the front door. He said nothing of it in the morning and they went about like it never happened. If she tried or even looked like she was going to say something he just said: “Do not.” That was the end of it.

As the years passed Clear realized that these ‘mundane’ talents his daughter had were somewhat useful. He was eating better than he ever had and making valuable trades with the other Elves inside the village he was not really welcomed in. He also made the discovery that this did not make him happy at all. In fact he grew more upset. This disdain only grew the more interested the hunters of the village grew in his daughter. The last straw was when the eldest of the hunters offered his services as a teacher for the young girl with the offering that she had the potential of becoming one of “The Greatest Hunters” at least in a very long time. For some fathers this would be flattering, but Clear simply declined the offer and then forbade his daughter from associating with them anymore.

This new rule was something Ollie did not understand but heavy heartedly she complied. Those men understood her and enjoyed the same things she did. She knew she could learn from them, but because her father said no she turned her back on them. Well… until she met “Twigs” Soft-Steps.

He was truly amazing! There was so much about him Ollie enjoyed it was impossible to list it all and just easier to say everything; which became his nickname. After a few months of sneaking out with him to roam the woods at night and to inadvertently fall in love; she called him her “E”.

Unfortunately her father was not only a smart man, but also of late a paranoid one. One morning when Ollie set out to get the fixings for dinner Clear followed her. He was certain that his daughter was not obeying his rule about the hunters and was learning from them despite his warnings. What he found out to be the truth, in his opinion was worse!

As Ollie headed out down paths that only she could recognize to the best the forest had to offer, her father watched from overhead. He watched satisfied at first that she was only out here gathering the vegetables and berries they would have for dinner. Then just as he was about to fly off and leave her to set her snares for the main course, a shriek from her put him on edge. Suddenly he felt something race through him he had only felt one other time; fear. He was actually afraid something was wrong or that she was being hurt. Hurriedly he hopped a few branches to gain a better view lest he be needed to bravely defeat some kind of wild beast attacking his little girl. After all she was wholly unable to take care of herself.

But then what he saw below made him furious! She was not in danger. It was just some young elven boy who sprang from the berry bush to wrap his arms around his curvy young daughter. Clear did not know which made him more upset; seeing her fraternizing with the Soft-Steps boy or the fact that her shriek had concerned him. One thing he did know for certain though was it had to come to an end.

To his relief it worked itself out. Young Soft-Steps would be caught some time later that month with a young feisty druidess. Ollie would find the two of them locked in a less than casual embrace enjoying the ‘call of the wild.’ This caused Ollie to run home. She shared nothing with her father. Instead she hid in her room from him and the world.

In the weeks to come her father would see a change in Ollie. It had to do with animals. Ollie began taking no prisoners; in fact she would kill more than they could eat. Instead of coming home with one or two rabbits, she would come home with four; then six. He began to see escalation and with it came a bit of concern; he was not raising a barbarian.

This was a wake-up call. Perhaps it was time for her to set out and maybe even him. Maybe they had outgrown this woods and it was time to reach out for more. In the end Clear figured if he was going to truly be the best then he needed more than what he could find here in his little world, he needed the whole of it. This is what he told her as he packed his things for not just the village or the nearby town, but for the big city. He was going to go hibernate in a grand library for a while and come out a more learned man. He told her where to contact him if she needed it and he would be waiting to hear of all her new skills and misadventures.

“Good luck Nerium, you truly are poisonous for you have distressed not just my heart but my soul and I would have it no other way.” He told her before he left.

Two days she spent alone in their home before deciding that perhaps there was more out there. A trip to the chapel and a talk with Sister Mariam made it clear that Captain Petite needed a more grand adventure.

Nerium Oleander “Ollie” Ink-Well

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