Virgil "Candy" Marshe

Well muscled Candifier and poet extraordinaire


Candy’s Journal

Virgil was born on a starry night, 19 years ago, in the great city of Timisova. His mother was a very pretty dancing girl named Sapphire Marshe, and his father was a great mystery.

Sapphire worked at a gentleman’s club called the Top Shelf, and she was one of the star attractions. As a mother, she was distant; She often told her son that it was her destiny to be whisked away by some handsome baron and draped in jewels; it would have happened already, had she not been saddled with “The Little Monster”.

To the rest of the girls, though, he was always Candy. He was a fixture of the back rooms, babysat by whatever young ladies weren’t currently on stage, and it wasn’t long before he was something of a mascot for the establishment. It wasn’t long before the little half-orc boy was running errands for the pretties in the dressing room; he ran messages, fetched wardrobes, and tugged on corset strings. Eventually, he learned to mend costumes and even fry up a quick meal behind the bar. He loved sweets almost from the cradle, and the girls kept a jar of brightly-wrapped rewards for him whenever he helped them out. He was their Candy-baby, and eventually “Candy” was the name he answered to.

Rapak Bladebreaker was the man in charge over the dancers’ safety each evening. He was the closest thing little Candy had to a father-figure, and many of the locals theorized that Rap was indeed responsible for the boy. Rapak always denied this; “Rule number one, Candy. You don’t touch the girls.”

Even though Rapak didn’t get along with his mother (they barely spoke,) he was happy to teach Candy whatever he would learn. The little boy learned how to offer a proper greeting in Orcish, how to break a man’s thumb with two fingers, and how to cover a room’s two exits at the same time. By the time he was chest-high to even the daintiest of Rap’s charges, Candy could knock a man out with a single blow to the chest, and had exchanged his petulant look for a frightening glare.

One evening, while Candy was washing all the sheets from the upstairs rooms, there was a commotion on the stage. Sapphire, it seems, was not present to take the stage. Her dressing area was cleaned out, and she was gone, never to be seen again. By closing time, it was apparent that she had fled into the night with one of the club’s patrons.

Rapak took the boy home with him, instead. Rapak’s tiny apartment bedroom became Candy’s, and the old half-orc’s bed was a sleeping roll in the front room ever after.

The two were happy together, and when Rapak was given the job of managing the whole establishment, Candy was bestowed the title of Club Bouncer. He took to the job with enthusiasm, and the patrons of the Top Shelf were known to be the best-behaved in the city.

Even this happiness was not to last, though. One day Rapak called Candy into the back office and fired him without warning. When Candy demanded a reason, the aging half-orc only said this;

“I chose this place, boy. I chose this life. You didn’t … you got born here. You don’t know anything else. I want you to go itch your footbottoms. If you want to come back after, the place is yours. If not, then make your home where you find it. I know that this doesn’t seem like much of a gift, but it’s one of the last things I got to give you, boy. Now go on. Get lost.”

And so, bereft of the only home and calling he’d known, Virgil “Candy” Marshe left Timisova in search of the wider world.

Virgil "Candy" Marshe

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