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  • Greenfield

    The village of Greenfield is a somewhat small town located on the northern border of Ranthia in the southern side of the [[Vedestrat Mountains | Vedestrat Mountain range]], growing from the ruins of an old military outpost that had been established to …

  • Tethis

    Tethis, Crown City of Ranthia
    [[File:725635 | class=media-item-align-none | Place-Tethis.jpg]]
    *Town Statistics:* Population - 310,000, mostly human Age - Over 1,000 years Location - The mouth of the Ne Ser'ta river along the south …

  • Orheim

    Orheim was the second city established in the Vedestrat Province, serving as the primary source of timber in the northern portion of Ranthia. As time passed, focus on the lumber industry died out as various ore deposits were discovered near the town. This …