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  • Channeling Stone

    Channeling Stone is an unnatural crystalline ore created as a side effect of certain powerful spells and rituals under very specific conditions. Even small chunks of it are extremely valuable and many fine people have lost their lives mining for it as it …

  • Nexus Sand

    Nexus Sand is formed when Channeling Stone explodes, the resulting debris is known as Nexus Sand. Nexus Sand is prized by spellcasters of all sorts and is guarded fiercely by those whose home or lairs are near a deposit. *Cautious adventurers beware*, …

  • Shadow Sand

    Shadow Sand is essentially just [[:Nexus-Sand | Nexus Sand]] corrupted by long term exposure to the effects of the plane of shadow. Use is outlawed in Ranthia due to its severe habit forming properties and also because abberations are drawn to it.