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  • Wine and Dine

    Journal Entries: Brighid Mae O’Brynne - [[Entry 2 | Entry 2]] Caelus Thönon - [[Journal - Session Two | Journal - Session Two]] Billeybob Zook Chyme - [[Onward to adventure | Onward to adventure]] Introducing: [[:cellar-rat | Cellar Rat]]

  • Entry 2

    I wasn’t raised within a religious family, occasionally when I was still living on the farm my parents would give thanks to the gods for a good harvest or make small donations to any clerics that passed through the village. Other than that my life was …

  • Journal - Session Two

    After our escapades in town, we met with Lady Grace, leader of the temple complex dedicated to Pelor here in Greenfield. To earn some coin, she offered us work exterminating some rats in the wine cellar that had been plaguing the temple. On the surface, a …

  • Onward to adventure

    After we met back up at the shrine doors they informed me of they discussions with the Doom Sayer family and some crazy wildling they met in the prison, sounded like an interesting time. We headed up into the shrine to talk to the priestess about these …