Tag: undead


  • Sir Reginald the Lost

    Sir Reginald the Lost is an intelligent skeleton that was encountered guarding a tomb located underneath Light's Hope Cathedral. According to Sir Reginald (who didn't appear to remember who he was at the time) the [[Tomb of the Lost]] is the resting place …

  • Human Zombie

    First encountered in [[Our Health is in Shambles |session #4]], the slowly rotting Human Zombies shambled their way through the magistrate's estate. These walking corpses were somewhat recently slain and appeared to be animated through the use of some Fel …

  • Mister Cuddles

    Mister Cuddles is Kaz's minion and nearly life-long companion, the fact that he's also a massive undead spider with a thirst for your brain fluid is just incidental. Unfortunately for any plans Mister Cuddles might have had as a giant undead monstrosity …

  • Bloated Zombie

    Lumbering along distended abdomens first these unholy creations are the direct result of [[:kazmo-the-insufferable | Kazmo the Insufferable's]] meddling with human corpses and spiders. They're literally bursting with evil.