Candy's Journal - Entry Three

Journal Entry 10th of Balm, Anno 203

Alright, proper entry this time. Not counting the beating we handed out in the caves earlier, our little crew just had its first dust-up.
The march through the mine was short-lived; we only got one cavern in. We found a handful of dead (but lively) spiders, and a couple zombies. We rescued a “baby” (jury’s still out on whether that’s the right term or not) and had to turn back to make sure it got taken care of.
The necromancer we’ve been looking for was quick to follow us out. I don’t think he knew we’d been there…he was just heading out to make trouble. Before we could fully regroup, he was already burning down farms and killing families.
We hurried to the rescue. Well, some of us hurried. By the time I showed up with BB in tow, the nearby homestead was wrecked, and everyone was dead…and the rest of my group was nowhere in sight.
Things went downhill at a full gallop from there. Zombie farmers, zombie children, and giant invisible spiders. I didn’t get a look at this necromancer, but I swear to the gods, he fired off spells at us for a solid minute, fast he could spit them out.
I’ll admit…I got a little roughed up. And the gnome crapped himself. Still, I’ll call it a draw; I didn’t get to Candify the bad guy, but he didn’t exactly get to do…whatever the hell he was trying to do.
Honestly, I think that should be our next step. I hate all this stumbling around in the dark. The dwarf priest knows more than we do, the Captain knows more…and we’re the ones taking the beating.

Today’s Haiku:

Sorry, little girl
I’m stomping your zombie ass
For hurting my bud

Candy's Journal - Entry Three

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