Candy's Journal - Entry Two

(The next Journal page contains no account of events, but simply a scattering of lines, some scribbled out, recording his brainstorm)

Necromancer transmutes regular baby and stuffs him in an egg –
Necromancer makes hybrid-
• mage is drinking one night, and that spider is looking better and better-
SPIDER is drinking one night, and…. (this is crossed out)
Necromancer finds spider baby, and tears off his legs-
• Why are dead legs better than live ones?
• Ask BB about advantages of dead legs
Parents of spider baby always add dead legs, and necromancer is studying them.
^That’s stupid. Probably the right answer.

(At the bottom of a page, a haiku)

It just isn’t right
Stitching dead things together
Zombies stuffed with crap.

Candy's Journal - Entry Two

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