Entry 8

One thing about being absent from a day out with the “Merry Band of Misfits” is that you are never quite sure on exactly what it is you might miss out on. Billey missed the disaster that was the Magistrate’s house, and I knew I missed plenty when they went to the caves without me before they came back. It must have been midday when the throbbing pain behind my eyes finally subsided. It became easier to focus again when my own heart beat wasn’t drumming in my head. Crawling out of bed and feeling well rested, I spent a moment wondering what everyone else had gotten up too – at least those that made it out of the caves. Of course it wasn’t long into my ponderings before I heard the voices of the others.

They had apparently made a conscious effort to speak with Lady Grace upon their arrival – of that I was not surprised. So I made the decision to follow them. I honestly was more interested to see if perhaps share in any reward they may receive from whatever trouble they had faced despite my absence. After all, it would do no good to let me starve, I might need more gold to buy rations.

To say they had come with stories of adventure would seem to be an understatement. I was expecting stories of battle – not what I saw when I gently pushed the door open. I was half tempted to close the door and try to forget what lie beyond it. Before me Lady Grace was holding some “creature” that they had brought back from the caves. A baby with the legs of a spider coming from its sides. Lady Grace even seemed confused as to what to do as she begrudgingly held it. I did my best to remain silent as they relayed their story.

I thought for sure the day was coming to an early end when Mila and Caelus left to camp outside of the village for the evening. It seemed like just a brief moment later that the two of them returned out of breath. In their stammering I came to understand they had spotted not only the necromancer that had been raising the dead in the area, but also his rather large, undead companion. It was just after Caelus managed to tell us the direction that he and the spider were heading when the bells began to toll. Fire.

There wasn’t much discussion as we headed out to the village gates, looking for the signs of smoke. It didn’t take long for us to see the gray wisps floating upwards as well as spot the guards doing nothing. That was of no surprise though and we continued on our way to the farm that was up in flames. I couldn’t help but feel as if we were running in to some form of trap. I kept quiet though as Candy picked Billey up and ran ahead of everyone, hoping to get there to assist anyone that may still be among the living.

When I managed to arrive on the scene I cringed seeing the flames and the fresh dead that were in battle with the others. Already those fighting seemed to be wearing down and when I drew my bow, I wasn’t able to assist much either. I couldn’t think of what else to do, at that time none of the weapons that I had used seemed to be doing much damage at all to the undead we kept coming face to face with. With Billey collapsed and Candy barely holding his own, it was Caelus turning the undead and changed the tides of the fight.

Of course, after the undead began to flee it became apparent that the necromancer and his spider had fled. With many of us injured we began heading back to the village. At that time I felt like a dog fleeing with its tail between its legs. It didn’t help any when after another circle was broken Mila collapsed. This battle was a sad one, fighting children and innocents as Caelus would call them. It was quickly coming apparent that some morals may need to be pushed out of the way to survive.

Entry 8

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