The village of Greenfield is a somewhat small town located on the northern border of Ranthia in the southern side of the Vedestrat Mountain range, growing from the ruins of an old military outpost that had been established to protect the country from the wilds to the north. Due to the fact that the military outpost (and later the village) had been ransacked and destroyed several times the written records of when the village was founded have been lost. The last time the town was destroyed was approximately three hundred years ago during the most recent batch of conflicts with the green-skinned races that call the Vedestrat Mountains their home.

For over a century Greenfield housed several legions of Heironeous’ crusaders who would venture north into the mountains to drive back the goblins and orcs as a means to earn glory and prove themselves. This practice fell out of favor when the legions were called south to fight the Tash’vellorian forces. After the legions generally poor performance the clergy were recalled to the capital, leaving a few small shrines to Pelor – God of the Sun, Fharlanghn – God of Roads, and Obad-Hai – God of Nature as the only remaining religious facilities.

Since then things have changed. The church of Pelor has a very strong presence in town, being the primary reason newcomers visit. They established a shrine here decades ago which has grown to become a large cathedral complex called Hope’s Light which is located on a small rise on the eastern edge of town.


Town Statistics:
Population – Roughly 350, mostly human
Age – Unknown but thought to be around five hundred years old
Location – The northern most point of the northern Ranthian border, just to the south of the central portion of the Vedestrat Mountain range.
Primary Imports – Manufactured Iron Goods
Primary Exports – Grain, Wine

Buildings of Note:
The Red Rock Inn and Tavern
The Hope’s Light Complex
Carroway’s General Store
Magistrate Ellum’s Residence
The Greenfield Stockade
The Greenway – Apothecarium
The Green Grape – Vineyard
Einjhar’s Anvil

People of Note:
Ivan Korsecko – Proprietor of the Red Rock Inn and Tavern
Lady Grace Iennes – High Priestess in service to Pelor
Boris Ellum – Town Magistrate
WIlliam Carroway – Proprietor of Carroway’s General Store
Maurice Korsecko – Captain of the town guard
Solomon Fennel – Second-in-command of the town guard
Foster Vill – Bard
Virgil Mendassi – Proprietor of the Greenway
Warwick Ortessa – Proprietor of the Green Grape
Einjhar Rockhammer – Proprietor of Einjhar’s Anvil
Richard Zime – Huntsmen and Guide
Drake Valguardia – Ex Prisoner
Sasha Valguardia – Ex Prisoner
Mila Tassok – Ex Prisoner


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