Journal - Session Eight

It is with a heavy heart that I write these words… Today, innocents were slaughtered and I feel the weight of it pressing on my shoulders, though my chest burns for revenge.

Mila and I stood guard by the entrance to the cursed mine shortly after the last battle in the midst of those caverns. While we rested and watched, a spider larger than even a horse climbed and crawled out from the forest behind us. When it reached the cave entrance, a small halfling with his face painted like a skull climbed on it – it must be the one we heard of from the alchemist’s shop!

Spider and rider took off around the side of the plateau, and Mila and I rushed as quickly as our legs could carry us to warn the chapel and the rest of our group – unfortunately, we were too late. By the time we finished explaining the situation, the fire bells started ringing and I knew that we weren’t fast enough.

We rushed to towards a farm we thought might be the target – past the idle guards, I might add. Candy picked up Chyme and took off much fast than the rest of us. What happened between then and the time we reached the farm is a mystery, but when we reached Candy and Chyme they had already suffered major wounds and the desecrated bodies of the farmers shuffled about in a deadly necromantic waltz. Dark pulses of energy sapped our strength as we approached as well.

I barely had the chance to heal our friends before turning the undead away. With the farm now known as a lost cause, we left – but discovered a rune similar to the one Brighid and I had found in the home. Not wanting to take any chances, I broke the seal before we fled.

I curse the giant spider and its rider to the depths, and I pray now for the strength to be the one to send them on their way.

Journal - Session Eight

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