Journal - Session Eight - Farm Fight

I woke up today feeling much better, I don’t know how it happened but I didn’t die. I met up with the group and noticed that Caelus was missing. Apparently he decided to camp outside the cave where they had found the zombies to make sure they didn’t come out to attack the city.

A little later Caelus and some other woman come panting into the complex and start talking about a giant skeleton spider they say. Just after they arrived Bells started going off; they weren’t coming from the cathedral, they sounded further away. Lady Grace said it means that there is a fire somewhere so we all rushed out of the complex to the gates. The town guard were there and informed us that one of the farms was on fire.

The group start making their way there. Candy picked me up and we head there at his full speed. After a second I realize how far ahead of the group we were getting but I wasn’t scared because Candy was with me. When we get to the farm we see seven people dead on the ground and the entire farm (all 6 buildings) on fire.

Then all of a sudden all seven corpses rise from the ground and start heading towards us. Candy puts me down and starts paying attention to the main building off to our side that’s burning.

The fight quickly went down hill when I got out numbered and knocked out. There was some strange stuff going on that was just sapping all of our health away.

When i came to Candy was hauling me out of the battle. I saw no more zombies and we were both covered in my excrement (that was embarrassing) But I was able to clear us both up with prestidigitation.

Journal - Session Eight - Farm Fight

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