Journal - Session Four

It seems even a stroll in this town leads to conflict with abominations.

Brighid and I had left our small gnome friend in the care of the church, as he had taken seriously ill from our earlier encounters, and decided to go about the town to speak with some of the townsfolk. In our encounters, we found some inconsistencies about the whereabouts of the mayor, so we decided to go check on his home and see for ourselves whether he is in or not.

Of course, it couldn’t be that simple. Upon arrival and some inspection, we discovered the home had become a lair of undead. After we dispatched the horrors in the house, I went to the church for assistance in consecrating the place. We burned the bodies of the undead, and one of the clergy took notes on a magic circle we discovered in the home in hopes of identifying it (although I had already partially destroyed it, thinking it had to do with the reanimation of the dead).

Those are the events, although writing them down seems redundant, as I believe I will never forget the events of this wretched town. Necromancy seems to bubble up from the foundations of this place, and I won’t rest well until it has all been dispelled in the name of my lord… At least make sure there are no more of those undead spiders. There isn’t a moment when my eyes close I don’t see the hollow pits of that wretched creature staring back at me.

Perhaps tomorrow I will take some time in the library of the church or with the clergy to research the best ways to exterminate these monsters, since it seems you can’t turn over a stone in this town without the undead springing from its place. But for now, I should rest.

Journal - Session Four

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