Journal - Session Seven - A New Sickness

I was starting to feel so much better yesterday. This is new though. This is a new sickness it’s not the same as the filth fever. I’m achy, sweaty, hot, cold, so tired. This is all worse. After their first morning visit I told the gang to leave me alone till the end of the day. I don’t need them getting sick on my behalf.

They said something about a cave on the other side of the complex that sounds like it would have been fun. I’m so bored with this dreary room. The only thing keeping my hopes up was the fact that I was feeling better last night.

I believe the Filth Fever has left but i have come down with another sickness. This may just be a common fever but you can never be to weary especially after having been sick for 2 days all ready. Who knows if that rat gave me more than one thing?

I’m starting to wonder if I will ever be released from this hell hole. Ironic seeing as it is a holy place.

Candy is such a nice guy. He gave me another candy today. It was extremely refreshing. I wonder if i have lost a lot of weight due to being sick for so long. I don’t weigh much to begin with being I’m so small.

If I die here today id like to leave my money to the group, my donkey to Candy, my spell book can go to whomever it may be most useful to, and my other belongings to be divided evenly between my friends.

Journal - Session Seven - A New Sickness

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