Journal - Session Six - The Sickness Continues

Day two with Filth fever. I am feeling slightly better then i was before, I feel like I may make it through this alive. It was nice meeting the newcomers yesterday Candy is really nice he gave me a really nice piece of candy ironically. The candy was maple flavored.

They were talking about investigating around the cliff to see if they could find an entrance to the cave system where the spiders are. I once again must stay at the complex and rest so I may join them later.

I’m so tired of just laying around feeling sick. I hope I’m never this sick again.

I’ve been doodling on some paper that the clergy gave me. My artwork isn’t very good buts it’s a way to pass the time. I attempted to draw Caelus & Brighid. I cant wrap my head around how people are able to draw hands so well I have trouble even getting all 5 fingers on there.

The clergy have been in and out occasionally all day bringing me food and water as needed. i have also taken at least two naps today.

Journal - Session Six - The Sickness Continues

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