Journal - Session Ten

After the short respite, we travelled further on into this damned mine. At least the break gave me the time to regain my strength.

We took a short trip around some of the passages closers to the entrance – I was convinced that spiders would drop on us at every turn as I stumbled around in the dark. Thankfully some of our group has the ability to see through the blackness – I envy them.

This next bit I’m embarrassed to say, but… a terrible sound from what I knew was a giant spider caused me to flee uncontrollably into the passage ahead, where the halfling was waiting behind iron bars and taunted us to pull a lever. As iron bars closed our escape, we struggled to find a way out until the halfling’s mount (of course another spider) dropped on us from above.

A glorious battle ensued – the like of which I know did Hieroneous proud. We struggled valiantly, and dragged the spider from its perch on the pillars above and defeated the beast.

Our true enemy lies ahead, but we’ve dealt a serious blow to our enemy. Glory lies ahead!

Journal - Session Ten

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