Journal - Session Three

A new day, and I had high hopes for our expedition to cleanse the undead threat buried beneath Light’s Hope. Lady Grace and her clergyman had provided us with weapons specifically for the task – crude of design, but the gesture was very much appreciated. It felt out of place in my hand, after such practice with the sword, but promised to be more effective against the undead.

After venturing into the wine cellar again, and went into the hole again to face the undead, we found an old passage of rough worked stone. Half expected us to be ambushed the moment of our arrival, but things were eerily quiet. In retrospect, I should have been even more wary the longer we went without being attacked by some undead horror. It didn’t take long, however. After finding some mysterious doorway fashioned into the stone, we doubled back and found what we were looking for.

A hideous sprawl of legs, and so many horrible eyes. I feel my dreams will be plagued for many nights with awful visage of that undead horror. It dropped from the ceiling and dug its limbs into my body until my strength failed me. The next thing I knew, a skeleton had me by the throat – the last thing I expected was to be healed by a skeleton, but there it was.

This undead is an enigma. It claims to be the guard of the tomb here and seems to wield the power of Hieronious as a Paladin, but remembers not his name nor the name of the entombed. He challenged me to a duel (an honorable move which I would not have expected) but easily overpowered me in combat, and infuriatingly took pity on us as he lead us back to the wine cellar.

It’s obvious that facing the undead guardian’s challenge again will be suicide with my current strength. I commend the strength of my allies, however. Where I failed, they succeeded. It’s obvious I have much to learn, as frustrating as it is to admit it. Our next charge, to investigate the caves around the holy complex should offer me more training and I hope it will give me the opportunity to prove myself.

I also cannot allow myself to forget the wild girl still held by the town. I hope to speak to her soon and see if she would be willing to accompany us to investigate the caves. She may know more about the surrounding area and the caves than the locals here. She may also know something about the disappearances of those who have left the town, which Lady Grace had mentioned.

Journal - Session Three

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