Letters To My Father 1

Dearest Father,

With all of my heart I hope that my letter finds you well and that your endeavors are rewarding. I find myself still missing our morning talks and walks in the forest. I miss the gentle babbling sound of the water that runs not far from our home. Do you miss it all too father?

As I had told you in my last letter I would write to you once we reached the new town. It is my pleasure to inform you and as of this morning Virgil and I have reached… Greenfield.

It remains cold up here but the snow does seem to be melting, albeit painfully slow, and these heavy clothes are well… heavy. I suppose it beats the alternative though. However it is so very nice to get warmed up and it is also very nice to finally sit. We pushed the last bit of distance a bit much to my legs chagrin.

The town at first blush seems like a lot of other little towns. The buildings seem well kept though and that is a plus. The inn here is fairly typical at least in comparison to the other inns we have been able to visit. Here at the inn the barkeep also seems all right; which makes business with him nice. This is all just based on my first impressions of course.

As we made our arrangements for the night a curious man came in and he spoke rather cryptically about a spider problem. Virgil and I conversed with him only long enough to learn that the rats are no longer a problem. We worried that this left us coming all this way for nothing; although the man did say the church folks were looking for help with “spiders.”

A few other notes: The stew here is not my stew; Virgil has made that clear. We stumbled upon a new temporary addition that we have named “Baits” as we may need “him?” to coax out these “spiders.”

Well Father tomorrow holds all new adventure and possibilities. I will of course write again soon and wait patiently for your next letter as well.

Mrith itov vur tiichi ekess wux Opsola.
(With love and honor for you father ~ Draconic)
~ Nerium Oleander

Letters To My Father 1

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