Letters To My Father 2

Danthe (Dear) Father,

I sincerely hope this letter finds you still well and I also hope with all of my heart that your hunt for knowledge continues to be bountiful. As I have promised in earlier letters I will of course continue to seek out what I can find in these regions where you cannot travel. I still trust in your words Father that power comes with knowing.

Oh and Virgil says: “Hello and reminds you kindly to blink every now and again.”

As for the events of today… well they were less than glamorous. As you have always predicted; I made a poor judgement call and could have made a great fool of myself.

The day started out well enough though Father as it usually does before I sully it. Virgil and I “enjoyed” a bowl of gruel; ‘sub-par’ in his opinion. Although I did offer him some berries or jam to add to it, he declined and continued to respond poorly to it; even made the keep acutely aware of his malcontent.

We got to meet the Constable this morning as well. Virgil got one of his “gut feelings” about the guy. I must say that after some consideration and observation of the man there does seem to be something amiss. Although I do not feel he is a “bad” man… I just do not think he is a very ‘good’ one either. He appears a bit lazy and ill tempered. It also became known to us that Constable Maurice is our inn keepers’ brother. We also discovered that he was quite defensive about the ‘food’ at the inn.

While we were attempting to eat the ‘free breakfast’ we overheard the Constable speaking with his brother about his tribulations. It would seem that he has a few people in custody that make him even more excited to be the law around here. Meaning he seems put out that he has things he has to do in a day. However we also discovered that someone is awaiting execution all that is needed is the Magistrate’s approval. After a quick breakfast Virgil barely ate; we headed off for the church to offer our services. We were hoping that we could still make some money here and that I could further my educational pursuits; of course. Battling “spiders” the size the cryptic man spoke of last night are certainly strange indeed! Not to mention unnatural.

The church here, we learned, has been revamped into one to the sun god Pelor. Sadly I am not certain who held the faith here previously… but I will find that out of course. I realize it could be of some importance.

We met with Mother Grace at the church and she seemed nice enough, but not as open to our proposition as we hoped. Instead she insisted that we work with the folks already in her employ; the ones who took care of the rats. So we are left to work out the money part with these other folks; one of which is laid up in the infirmary. This makes things a little bit uncomfortable you know? Having to talk money over with strangers, oh well, we do what we must.

There are a lot of stairs here.

Like a lot of stairs.

I mean bordering on a crazy, disrespectful amount of stairs.

We came to find out that the wizard of their merry little group was present at the church in the infirmary. It would seem that he was struck ill after their run in with these “spiders” after the rat issue. I was personally not impressed by the petite man, who I have found to be gnomish in decent, but Virgil was just absolutely entertained. Rather, his enthusiasm for the miniscule man’s adornments and other accessories bordered on embarrassing. I even had to remind him a couple times to rein it in.

The gnome, I have to say, is quite the showman. Perhaps he did not get enough attention as a child or something, because he was certainly hamming up his condition for all who would grant audience. We were present for the ladies in the infirmary to tell him he was going to be fine, yet he persisted. Although in hind sight there must have been some illness lingering for him and the lady of their group sat out on the very next outing.

I do not at this time have much to say about the lady of their team; she seems to be a woman of few words. The sharp swords at her side though might tell a tale of a more action oriented woman. However she seems nice enough and useful in our gainful pursuits; time will of course tell us more.

We also have a holy man joining us. Now I know your views on religion and I want to assure you that he will not be filling my head with tall tales. Trust that even if he tries I promise you I will not let them sway me or my ambitions. I remember your teachings very well; “Religion and the magic they associate with it are for those who have neither the intellect nor patience to realize their potential is not a gift from the ‘Gods’ but something found innately within themselves. Giving credit to an intangible being for the miraculous is a crutch.”

Although, I do want to assure you that he is also a seemingly nice member of this small group we have joined up with. While he is a holy man, he is not yet proven to be the preachy kind. In fact he seems to care a great deal about people even taking interest in a young vagabond who attacked the local church. This vagabond, Mila, is currently being held at the stockade. She speaks a language I am not familiar with but our preacher has taken an interest in her. I am glad though because this woman certainly looks as though she could use a kind hand to hold.

For now I must retire, I have much to do on the sun’s rising.

Mrith itov vur tiichi ekess wux Opsola.

~ Nerium Oleander

Letters To My Father 2

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