Onward to adventure

After we met back up at the shrine doors they informed me of they discussions with the Doom Sayer family and some crazy wildling they met in the prison, sounded like an interesting time. We headed up into the shrine to talk to the priestess about these people.

At the door into the main temple room there was a huge monk I can only assume he was acting as guard. I was quire large and found me entertaining. I consider that a win for the day :). After talking to the priestess she offered us room and board for looking into the events that have happened around the town as well as offering to pay us for clearing out some rats in the wine cellar (I have never been a big fan of rats). Needing the money we all accepted and headed down there to fight them.

Well that was unpleasant. There were six or seven rats down there. I killed two or three of them but they got me pretty good I was really hurt. Never thought rats could get that big. Rats aren’t the only thing we saw down there. We found the hole where they were coming from and while investigating it I saw what looked like a skeleton walk by. Some may ask “Wait you’re not sure it was a skeleton.” Well i saw a bone foot and leg. I was unable to see the entire thing luckily.

Lady Grace asked us to continue to investigate and she will pay us more for helping her and the city out as well as offering to keep and feed us in her shrine. We accepted but decided to sleep before we went back into the cellar to further investigate.

Made 12 gold off of all that. Wasn’t too bad.

Onward to adventure

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