The Ash Vents

The Ash Vents of Ranthia are a geographical phenomenon that can be found in various places throughout the countryside. While ash vents are not limited from occurring outside of Ranthia the vents within Ranthian territory are particularly powerful and prolific producers of Alcarnan Ash, a very valuable fertilizer that is rumored to have possible uses in the arcane and alchemical fields of study.

The ash vents form small(ish) cones of ash over time, equating to roughly ten to one hundred barrels of ash per week. The vents are typically found in clumps near each other with several vents appearing within the same twenty mile radius. Many Ranthian towns are located somewhat close to these clumps of vents, growing from small farming communities to thriving towns and bustling villages. Several folks have perished while attempting to explore the depths and twisting caverns that form the ash vents, the practice was banned by the Ranthian Noble Edward Farspear, head of the Ranthian research institute in the year 192.

Not much is actually known about the ash. Scholars have confirmed that while the ash is a fantastic fertilizing agent the same cannot be said for the effect that it has on living flesh and tissue. Farmers who work with the ash have to wear protective clothing and children must be kept away from direct skin to ash contact as children who have been exposed to the ash have died in the past. Likewise, prolonged breathing of the ash laden air has proven to be occasionally fatal to those of weaker constitutions.


The Ash Vents

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