The dead rise

Woke up in the morning feeling much better after that rat fight I’’m ready to go. Read up on a new set of spells today preparing to maybe fight a skeleton or two.

Had some breakfast and decided the sooner we get into the basement the better. The big monk gave Brig and Cael both a mace, they’re better on skeletons than swords.

We sent Cael into the hole first since he is bigger and has more armor. He made it through with a torch without hurting himself or getting attacked once he got through. There are two paths that we could have taken after entering the cave, we chose to go to the left. After squeezing through another narrow passage we saw a very deep pit and a split path once again. Cael probably couldn’t fit down the path on the left so we went to the right side of the pit and down a normal size hallway. The hall way dead ended into a a doorway to what looked similar to Cael’s holy symbol on the door but apparently he had a brain lapse because he didn’t recognize it.

While we were turning around to head out of the old hallway we got ambushed by a giant undead spider that totally messed up Caelus. The spider knocked him out and made Brig lose her mace as it was attacking her but we managed to kill the spider. Brig got pretty messed up by it and then we had to try to get Cael up before he bled out on the ground. That was terrifying. In the process of Brig and I trying to revive Cael a large skeleton came down the hall. I tried hitting it with Frost Ray before it got to us but totally missed.

The skeleton picked Cael and and revived him to what seems like full health. It then challenged him and only him to a duel where he got his butt kicked. The skeleton revived him and told us to get out because we were not enough of a threat to him. (Finished)

The dead rise

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