Vedestrat Mountains

The Vedestrat Mountains form the northern border of the kingdom of Ranthia, separating the sparsely inhabited northern region of the country from the brutal cold and winds of the northern flatlands of Alcarna. The mountains are considered essentially inhospitable to civilized life, since there is nothing known to be of any consequence located on the other side of the mountains no passes are maintained. This hasn’t kept brave adventurers from attempting to explore the mountain range.

The mountains are named after Highlord General Zanderhal Vedestrat whose forces were instrumental in the endeavor to drive back the orcs and goblins who had originally called northern Ranthia their home.

Known Rumors:

  • Animals from the Greenfield area have been going missing, most likely due to the actions of orcs and goblins.
  • Mila claims to have awoken somewhere in the mountains to the north of Greenfield.

Investigate and ask around to learn more.


Vedestrat Mountains

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