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Billeybob Zook Chyme Gnome Wizzard

He was born in the city of FazzGarroff. His mother and father were both banished from FazzGarroff due to being caught engaging in underage relations. He grew up moving from town to town every few years once the locals discovered how his family came to be. Billeybob always showed an immense interest in the arcane arts and magical studies as well as the favored gnomecraft of Gem Cutting. Non of this was a surprise to his parents. his mothers family were mages and his fathers were the gem cutters of FazzGarroff. He parted ways with his parents at the age of 40 so as to guarantee that they did not get removed from their current home in Brastlewark. He left and began to wander the lands in search of more knowledge in the arcane arts.

He was all ways picked on and bullied for being outcasts. He never had much of a regard for law or trust for fellow men (True Neutral). While in his travels he made sure to all ways stop by the local mage to absorb what ever magical knowledge they would share. He would also make it a point to meet with the local diplomats to learn the history of the land and its people. . His travels have given him an acute knowledge of the arcane and an understanding of the royalty of the lands and their history. He has dabbled a little in the art of the planes and plans on continuing his studies of them.

His distrust of outsides makes him hard to befriend but his love of jokes and tricks makes it easier for him to meet acquaintances. He’s faster to trust someone that animals trust over those that animals are weary of.

His companion donkey of 3 years Jonoa Qiniana chyme was acquired in the rural farming town of Stowe. He decided to acquire said companion due to his inability to carry heavy loads and inability to travel quickly on foot. His natural fondness of animals (brain fart).

Billeybob Zook Chyme has always longed for a more permanent place to live but has never felt at home in any city he has found himself in. He quite adores the business of larger cities as well as their immense amount of history and libraries, but the increased number of people has seemed to lead to an increased number of people misunderstanding him or underestimating his abilities.

He has come to Greenfield to meet the local Magistrate and learn of the history of the town. He is also interested in the Ash Fissures and the potential of magical benefits from them.

Billeybob’s Journal

Billeybob Zook Chyme

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