Brighid Mae O’Brynne

Gypsy Rogue - Shadow Dancer


Brighid was born as a potato farmer’s daughter in a small village by the name of Enoche. Her small family all participated in the daily tasks, she assisted her mother Fraye with caring for the animals while her father Gabriel worked in the fields with his hired help. From the time she was able to walk and on she was known for being overly curious and mischievous, often being brought home by a disgruntled villager or an amused hired hand.

In her seventh year her mother became pregnant again and gave birth to a healthy giggling baby boy that her father named Lok. Brighid was instantly enamored with her younger sibling often trotting around after her mother to assist with raising him. The family’s joy grew even more when two years after the birth of Lok another baby boy had joined the family and was named Bailey.

With the birth of the two boys her father began to show a clear preference for her brothers over her as they were expected to take over the farm one day over her. This did not seem to faze Brighid as she grew to adore her siblings particularly, her brother Lok as she began to teach him “everything she knew”. By the age of eleven it was often not just Brighid brought home by disgruntled villagers, but her brother accompanied her as well.

It was in her fourteenth year that the joy her family had ended. Lok had fallen from the family’s apple tree while climbing it in an attempt to get one of the apples higher up in the branches and did not survive. Grief stricken that he had lost his oldest son, Gabriel blamed his daughter and her “mischievous ways” for Lok’s accident and promptly disowned her. Despite pleading from Fraye and Bailey, Brighid was cast from her home just a few moons short of her fourteenth birthday.

On her own and unsure of what to do Brighid took to begging and picking pockets while traveling from town to town in order to survive. Six months into her new life style Brighid was caught by a guard while picking the pocket of a young woman by the name of Arwin. She became pleasantly surprised when the woman told the guard that Brighid was simply her younger sister and it was a harmless prank “all gypsies play”. Impressed that she herself had not caught Brighid relieving her of her coin, Arwin made the choice to take her in as an “apprentice”.

Under Arwin’s wing, Brighid became part of a traveling gypsy caravan and Arwin began to teach her everything she knew. As a result Brighid learned to dance, con others, pick locks, fight, and how to better pick pockets. As a “gyspy” Brighid would often raise a glass in Olidammara’s honor as thanks for her “do as you will” carefree lifestyle. When not in various towns earning her “wages”, Brighid would frequently take up drawing as a past time taking time to draw members of the caravan or, at times, her next target.

At the age of nineteen Brighid was taking part in a routine job of her and Arwin’s in order to gain some gold from a wealthy merchant. The job went sour when Arwin was accosted by a man wishing to “see a gypsy dance”, resulting in Brighid being in the wrong place at the wrong time and getting caught. Arwin quickly placed all the blame on Brighid upon her late arrival and Brighid was taken in. Luckily due to the the town being smaller, it was easy for Bridgid to dismantle the lock, a specialty of hers, and slip away.

Upon arriving back at the caravan Brighid noticed that they were preparing to leave, no evidence of them going to “rescue her” being part of the plan. It didn’t take long for her to discover that Arwin had managed to steal more from the merchant then was initially planned at the blame was in fact expected to fall upon her while they all made a getaway. Feeling betrayed despite Arwin “welcoming” her back, she collected her meager belongings and left on her own for another town.

On her own she continued to use what Arwin taught her and what she had taught herself to get by comfortable enough with a traveler’s life style. She would often times take to picking pockets, dancing for coin or selling portraits to gain her favorite things, a soft bed, a hot meal and pitcher of wine. At 22 years of age, approximately two weeks from present time, she stopped in the town of Farchenwald to gain some coin and at least a night of rest.

While assisting an older gentleman by lightening his pockets without his knowledge she noticed a strange sight, a gnome being harassed by a small group of individuals. From what she could gather he was not welcome at the local inn as he was considered strange and they did not care to take his coin to house him and his donkey. Feeling too lazy to get involved and deciding to take her new gold for a spin, Brighid left the scene and went to find lunch.

Hours later in the evening and after earning more honest coin with an impromptu dance in the streets, Brighid was on her way back to the inn munching on an apple when she noticed the gnome from earlier resting in an alleyway with his donkey. Cursing her soft spot for animals (she had been raised to care for them after all) she reluctantly gave the remainder of her apple to the hungry looking beast. Much to her dismay the gnome seemed to not only notice her care for his donkey but seemed to mistake her for an “overly caring” individual. To her ire he began trailing her around town the next day and chose to follow her when she left the town as well. No longer used to traveling with others Brighid found herself using sarcasm to remove her new shadow only to discover he seemed to take joy in that as well.

Needing a change in scenery Brighid decided to seek out one of her vices and began to make her way to Greenfield.

Brighid’s Journal

Brighid Mae O’Brynne

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