Mister Cuddles

And you thought that the regular Catacomb Spiders were bad...


Mutated Catacomb Spider
Large Undead
CR: 4
HP: 4d12 (39 hp)
AC: 18 (4 Dex, +4 Natural), touch 14, flat-footed 14
Initiative Bonus: +5
Speed: 40 Land, 30 Climb
Grapple Bonus: +7
Saves: F: 0 R: 5 W: 2
Attacks: Claw x4, +4 AB, 1d6
2 piercing damage per hit, 20 x2
Space/Reach: 10/15
Special: Undead traits (Cold Immunity, DR 5/Bludgeoning, Immunity to Sneak Attacks and Crits), Improved Initiative, Fast Healing 5, Immune to Turn Attempts
Skills: None

Can exhale a Spider Swarm as a standard action once every 1d4 rounds. This attack has a range of 30 feet.


Mister Cuddles is Kaz’s minion and nearly life-long companion, the fact that he’s also a massive undead spider with a thirst for your brain fluid is just incidental. Unfortunately for any plans Mister Cuddles might have had as a giant undead monstrosity he was slain by adventurers during Session 10 – A Dirge in Eight Parts.


Mister Cuddles

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