Sir Reginald the Lost

A skeletal knight who is more than he seems


Sir Reginald masterfully wields a longsword and appears to be able to summon his astral armor with but a gesture. Sir Reginald’s other abilities seem to indicate that he is a Paladin of some measure.


Sir Reginald the Lost is an intelligent skeleton that was encountered guarding a tomb located underneath Light’s Hope Cathedral. According to Sir Reginald (who didn’t appear to remember who he was at the time) the Tomb of the Lost is the resting place of a powerful member of the Heironeous clergy and that entrance to the tomb will only be granted to fellow clergy members who can pass his “Test of Valor”. The entrance to the catacomb which contains the tomb is found in the wine cellar of Light’s Hope, the entry point has been blocked by Pelor’s clergy via bricking the collapsed wall section closed until further notice.

Sir Reginald the Lost

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