Candy's Journal - Entry Five

(There are a few pages stuffed into the middle of the journal. Upon it is a sketch of a spider; not something that will win prizes, or sell for a coin, but a fairly accurate anatomical account of “Mister Cuddles”. It is surrounded by close-ups of various parts and pieces ripped from the body. Most of these Candy did not bother to label, as any attempt on his part to name the “mouth-fang thingies” and other bits would be either wrong or horribly misspelled. There is space, however, for notes; apparently this entry is to be amended once they’ve reached a “real” town, with real amenities like a library and the like. The top of the next page has a rough depiction of a meaty half-orc, with the skewer-marks indicated, showing where Candy’d been injured. )

(At the bottom, he has recorded a few notes and questions, in order to keep them fresh in his mind.)

Once upon a time, this thing died, and got turned into a deadite by that little freak. Before that, there was a ten-foot-at-the-knee spider stomping around, very much alive.

This, I don’t get. How the hell was this thing hanging out in the forest, and nobody saw it?

Something that big had to eat, and it didn’t live on possums and woodrats. Not normal sized ones, anyways. And that mine is NOT where it came from.

This ties into Mortimer, I think. He doesn’t come from that cave, either: they’re both from someplace else. It’s probably some place sane people don’t go, regularly, where the sunlight doesn’t normally reach.

I’ma make a copy of this, and send it on to Ollypop when I finally get the right wording for my notes.

You really nailed me
I’ll shove that same, hairy leg
Up that smug shrimp’s ass

Candy's Journal - Entry Five

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