Candy's Journal - Entry One

Journal Entry 9th of Balm, Anno 203

Time is a funny thing. Some days just melt into a blur, and some of them take for-EVER.

I don’t mind, really. After the last few days of featureless white landscape with a brown scar for a road, things are starting to pick up. I can feel my mind starting to pick back up speed…snapping out of daydream mode and getting back into business.

Can’t do it fast enough, either. I can see what’s happening here, and while we’ve been heading north for the whole trip, this situation is going south…fast. It’s like ONE drunk, fumbling in his pouches at the end of the night. It starts simple…tab gets paid. But wait; he’s got a story.
Yeah. That sums up this whole deal.

Dead rats equal money. Boom. But no…the job shifts out from under you. So they toss out this spider job, and I knew, I friggen knew that it was going to get over our heads about five steps further out. Now we’re in with these other poor mooks, and we’re scrambling with prophesies, black magic, and more cloaks and daggers than we have backs to stick them on (or in). And yesterday, my biggest problem was them not selling my 5 M’s at the general store.

I’d have bailed, honestly. The contract was filled, and these guys are trying to clean up the mess with a mop bucket full of mud. I think Ollie needs this, though; she needs be around people, and to come out of her shell a little bit. I mean, I’m great company and all, but there are only so many stories about evil enchanters taking over brothels and johns scaling windows with bedsheets that you can take. These new folks we’re running with…they seem decent enough to fit the bill.

Caelus and Brighid of them seem to split the “brains of the operation” title pretty evenly. The Father’s got a good level head, and seems to get the most face-time when these guys are together talking to someone. Legs is all business, and you can tell by the look on her face that she’s ticking through the details pretty quick. BB…well, I’m willing to bet that he’s a lot sharper than he’s putting on. If somebody gives him a little credit, and a little more leash, I betcha he’s gonna light shit up.

Ollie’s out with Bait right now. Dunno Bait’s story, but Ollie seems to have adopted him(?). I’m just gonna have to see how this plays out, and keep a close eye…Ollie’s gonna be crushed if that skinny kid gets his fool self killed.

Notes for today: Something about the head guard here flat out pisses me off. If there’s one thing I can’t stand, is somebody not doing their job on purpose. It might not be what it looks like…hell, he might be completely on the up-and-up…but if not, I swear I’m gonna rattle that can he’s in so hard, they’ll have to sell his ass on the discount shelf.

And don’t call the Father “Slim” anymore. It’s disrespectful.

Today’s Hai-ku

Acts like he’s dying
With his cutest little cough
Hey, you’re not that sick.

Candy's Journal - Entry One

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