Candy's Journal - Entry Six

(The script for the next page is shaky, as if the writer were on unsteady ground…perhaps walking back from a dungeon with journal in hand.)

Insert date here.

Alright…first job, put to bed.

The necromidget is still on the loose, but the mines are clear; clear of spiders, clear of zombies, and clear of spider-zombies…or zombie spiders (note: ask Ollie what the right term is.) After our bout with the spider-shaped house, in there, the rest was just clean-up. The little guy got away…I’m not as frustrated as I thought I’d be about that. He knew the lay of the place, and was prepared…but that kind of guy always turns up.

Until we make sure he won’t.

We found evidence of something bigger going on, but my gut is still saying that we’re being led around by the nose. Ollie’s pretty upset about it (it implicates the elves, and she’s kind of an honorary elf,) but we have to play this out…we can give our opinion when we show these elfin coins to everyone, but that’s about it.

Truth be told, I’m kinda eager to get back and make sure Mort’s ok. Once you get past the creep factor, he’s actually pretty damn cute. Kinda grows on you.

Quick Haiku:

Zombies are squishy
But even Badasses must
Watch for falling rocks

Candy's Journal - Entry Six

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