Journal - Session Nine - Cave Entering

After returning from the farm, patching our self’s up, and getting a rest. We decided it was time to go into the cave and try to find this necromancer. As soon as we entered the cave there was immediately a fork in the road and we decided to go straight. It quickly got rather dark and kind of spooky in the cave.

We made a terrible decision to be me in the very back of the group. This became a problem all most immediately when a bloated zombie snuck up behind me and decided to pop a swarm of spiders all over us. I’m not sure how its possible but the thing was still walking after all that.

The rest of the group being in-front of me was in a very tight tunnel so no one was able to move much. Brighid look down a path to her right and was able to see 3 more zombies and we decided to try to fight them in this tight space while also trying to move into a more open area. We quickly became over whelmed with a swarm of spiders on us and 3 -5 zombies.

We killed the one attacking me while Brighid attacked her 3 and we continued to move down the tunnel . Mila got knocked out about 20 feet from the entrance to the opening we were moving into so Caelus had to go save her while i readied burning hands to stop the onslaught.

Once Mila and Caelus were out of the way and the zombie was at a sufficient distance from me i left roar the burning hands and burnt the zombie and the spider swarm to a crisp. That was really fun to watcher. I really enjoy making things disappear before my eyes.

Journal - Session Nine - Cave Entering

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