Journal - Session Ten - Mr Cuddles Lullaby

After that surprise attack by the zombie we were all pretty messed up so we decided to camp out ion a dead end down the hall. While we were in there we found some loot. What looked like some broken armor, some damaged weapons and a mysterious scroll. I was unable to translate the scroll but some how Brighid managed to. It was apparently a very strong healing spell.

We rested to regain our strength and spells and then continued into the cavern. Down the hall from us were 3 paths two on the right and 1 on the left. We had entered the cave through the path on the left. There was on at the end on the right hat entered into a large room with 10 ft tall pillars all over the place. The other one on the right was just a bit down from us and it looked to be just another hallway.

After our rest we decided to head down the hall to thew large room and investigate (this time Ollie was behind me so I wasn’t unguarded.). When out of no where a huge spider appears right behind us but down nothing but block out way (ended up being an illusion). This forced us into the large room where our necromancer friend was waiting well protected behind some iron bars just laughing at us.

It turns out this was all a trap because off the ceiling falls his friend the giant reanimated spider and he drops the iron bars behind us separating us from Gray and Ollie who are still facing the “imaginary spider”.

We use every vile of holey water we have on the thing as well as ever disrupt undead spell i have and it just wont go down. It even manages to take down candy who was quickly resuscitated by Caelus. Ollie and Gray break out of the fear of the fake spider and run around the room to us from another entrance.

we managed to knock the spider off the 10 ft tall pillars with a grappling hook and that gave candy and Caelus free reign on it. It didn’t stand a chance after that.

Ps. Cealus used that healing scroll i did wonders for every one. after that and a healing potion we were all back in tip top shape.

Journal - Session Ten - Mr Cuddles Lullaby

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