Letters To My Father 6

Dearest Father,

I hope this letter finds you in good spirits. I also hope that you are finding everything that you seek in that ocean of words. I know that I could surely use your wisdom right now; as oftentimes I do. You speak to me Father; not in some kind of crazy way but during the long dark second watches, I hear you. You speak your words of wisdom, one’s I have heard a hundred times if I have heard them once, but sometimes I think I would like to hear something new.

Virgil and I get to do the dark of night watches quite often; hazards of working with Humes I guess. I truly do not know how they get by. Sadly (and I personally feel) our small Gnomish comrade cannot be trusted with the delicacies of a turn on watch, he is just too unstable. I have to admit though; I do like my quiet times I can get some work done.

Now for some good news!
You may breathe again Father; Mortimer will not be joining you. I know you would have done me the favor, but he would not have been comfortable nor you, so I have saved you both. :) Virgil and I decided that it was best to send the little sprout to his father instead. It is just easier for us (for Virgil especially) to visit him after all this is over, additionally it is also easier to get him there. (Less suspicion the better.) Besides, there is no shortage of ladies around and if little Mort ends up learning as Virgil did, that’s not so bad.

Mortie will be getting packed up tonight and ready to leave us tomorrow night. As for tonight I am… well it is bittersweet. I need him to be safe and sending him off is for the best, but it is sending him off. My evenings with him and the urgency I feel to get back to him will be gone for a while. Even though I know it must be done the worry is eating me up.

Perhaps some of this emotional upset and drivel is due to being exhausted. As of right now though I am going to start focusing on where we are headed and what lies in that direction; presently I can tell you it is freaky Hobgoblins, subjugated Goblins and Orcs. (Oh my!)

We just returned from the road again. I told you already that we now work for the magistrate and we had to investigate the cow thefts, well we found them, and it is…something. I almost perished. I got hit with a fireball spell, it was massive! I am fine though and I have learned something from the attack; nothing around here is normal.

We have also discovered that there is a very large encampment and it is going to take way more than us to defuse that situation. Now it will just be a matter of getting the magistrate to understand that.
Thankfully we brought back an Orc alive—ish. He spent the ride back asleep and slung over the donkey. We are keeping him, for the moment, in the magistrate’s personal dungeon… yes Father you read that correctly. He will be questioned more thoroughly in the morning; I am just hoping that he makes it through the night.

I suppose it is worth mentioning here that with this entire Goblin and now Orc issue rearing its head Virgil seems uneasy. He does not say anything, but when I steal glances at him he seems lost in the catacombs of his mind. I cannot guess at exactly what he is thinking, but I am certain it has something to do with the racial sameness of those we are fighting. While I know he is different, special even; I worry he might be wondering how he is so different from those we fight and if the others see the difference. It does no soul good to dwell on such things though. I am certain he will be just fine, but advice is always welcomed.

Moving on; we got some nice new to us equipment and sold some things for the community pot we started. We all have plenty of money but it is nice to take from the pot for supplies instead of having just one of us shoulder the burden, I think it helps to build some friendship ties; trust.

Additionally, we found they have a Hobgoblin working with them and in a leadership position. This Hobgoblin we ran into attacked us with a vengeance! He was a very serious customer, he was also not typical. The ‘Hob’ had additional arms! They were certainly undead as well; the similarities to Mort in that capacity are unmistakable. We are really beginning to believe that this “Goblin problem” is like the “Spider” problem and instigated by the same miniscule miscreant! You mark my words Father when we finally get him; he is in for such a pinch! To be clear, by ‘pinch’ I mean Virgil’s fists are going to relieve the diminutive villain of his “living” issue.

I do not know father.

I do not know how much more of this just the brave few of us can take on. It looked like a small army, from what we could see outside. Their Worgs are enchanted to return home, the Hob had a horse that took several shots from me and never flinched! He almost killed Missy Human, ran her right down on his beast!

Tell me, how do we best an army backed by magic we cannot dispel?

For now it is here I leave you.

I am going to enjoy my last evening with Mort and try to sleep.

Mrith itov vur tiichi ekess wux Opsola. ~ Nerium Oleander

Letters To My Father 6

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