Letters To My Father 8

Dearest Father,

I have decided that writing you this time was most prudent. The last time that I wrote we were facing off against what appeared to be an army of orcs. I did not just want you to wonder what ever happened, I wanted to tell you myself.

We have since discovered that what looked like a vast army was honestly just a standard sized (I guess…) orc clan; the Rock-warts. Then who did we help become the leader of this clan? Well it was none other than the very one we took captive! He was rather willing to work with us and I believe that is because he wanted most of all to save his own skin. But no matter, whatever the man’s motivations he is now their chieftain (however long that lasts) and is willing to put forth some effort to work with the nearby humans instead of just ransacking Greenfield.

However, getting the humans to return the same kindness is… well… a work in progress. There is not a doubt in my mind that while it might take some time (probably years) a beneficial arrangement can be reached.

Everyone seems to think this a very big step for Orcish people; however I am not in agreement there. I believe there to be a grave misunderstanding of these people. I think that they are perfectly capable of being cordial, but because of their appearance humans give them little credit. They see “monster” or “unlike us” and connect it to being “savage”. This might not be exactly the case. This does not even mention the sheer size of these folks; quite intimidating.

I understand that the last thing you want to hear from me is sympathy for the Orc tribes, but you also sent me out here on my own to learn about the world. Well Father, this is what I am being taught.

Certainly there are going to be some out there who just enjoy ruthlessness and violence just for the sake of them. I can put forth the opinion that some are just born to be mean and cruel. However, I can also put forth the opinion that hardship, hate, and struggling only breeds these qualities. A man who faces these things is going to raise his child to be wary of such things. Contrariwise a man who knows acceptance and has been given positivity will raise his child to have a more positive outlook on the world. Those things I believe are the crux of the matter.

That is just my two half-copper on the subject though.

Back to the battlefront:

For what it is worth, our little rag-tag group has proven overall to pick its comrades well. We have a clumsy diplomatic air about us with a hint of passive aggressiveness. We do not seem to engage in violence unless we just cannot avoid it. Perhaps it is due to our group being so diverse? Perhaps our views of what makes a “monster” have been skewed by this same diversity? Or perhaps I have it all wrong and the reason most of our confrontations come down to speaking is due to the opposing parties’ pity. Whatever the reasoning I am glad that I am not getting my hands as dirty as I have managed to sully my soul.

We managed, with the help of our newly acquired comrades (Mila and Sasha), to win out the day. While admittedly our first attempt was a little lack luster, this time went much better.

We set up a “trap” of sorts… well we had wanted to anyhow. What we actually ended up with was just picking the spot where we held our ground. This proved to be just the advantage we needed.

We were all able to get into the fray and help in our own unique ways. It proved difficult for some of us… me and our Gnome especially… to get a few licks in and while I cannot speak for him, I felt a little un- contributory. There just is not the space to be up on the front lines. Virgil is big, Mila is big…okay yes, most people are bigger than I but, the point is I fell to the back and had to wait patiently to get even a decent shot off with my crossbow. Had it not been for my finding that, I might not have been helpful at all.

However, in the end the Hobgoblin lay lifeless as did his Orcish companions. The only survivors were two Worgs. These hounds were quite helpful in getting us back to the gate beings Caelus and I are agonizingly slower than most of our group.

Upon reaching the gate our initial plan was to do all this sneaky stuff with invisibility and possibly some fire. That plan did not come to pass. It would seem the news of the fallen Hobgoblin traveled fast. As we were on our way there we passed Orcs on their way out! Perhaps whatever hold he had on them ceased with his demise. I am not even certain that is possible… but I guess it must be. This turn of events left us with a camp now empty of Orcs but now rife with the Kobolds who were building the afore mentioned “weapon”.

Okay I say ‘rife’ but in all honesty there were like 7 or 8 of the little buggers. Then there was the issue of the “weapon”.

I must thank you Father for the years of study in the Draconic language because it paid off that day! I was able speak with the little scaly men at the gate and negotiate our passage in to see what was going on. Due to my ability to speak to them and garner some trust we were able to keep our blades clean.

Once inside we were able to talk it out, offer up our help, and end in an agreement that would save the people of Greenfield. The Kobolds built a bomb Father, a very large bomb. It was made out of a strange blue-ish glowing gemstone or rock… the likes I have never seen. For that matter it was the likes none of us had ever seen; even the strange traveler in the magic wagon.

The little scaly men wanted our help to move the bomb to an Orc camp that had enslaved them. This was after I spoke to them of the breeding capacity of the Humans and how they love to try and make their short lived lives mark the world with scars of war. I only spoke the truths you taught me and it seemed to work well. I am not certain my Human comrades liked being portrayed in that light… but sometimes sacrifices must be made.

With that they decided to move the bomb. This had to be talked about with the rest of the group. It is going to take us over a week out of our way and there was still the issue of a vampire on the loose in Greenfield. But what real option do we have?

This bomb material is very volatile and the sheer size of it would decimate the Gods only know how much space. Now, I have never had a real head for math, but I can tell you that while it might not reach Greenfield proper… some of the surrounding farms might suffer. Not to mention we made a pact with the Orcs they could return home… that means there has to be something to return home to.

So after weighing the pros and cons… we have decided to move the bomb. They are gathering up a few cattle to pull the wagons and in the morning we will be off.

To tell you I am not worried about this would be lying. With the villainous Halfling out there and presumably angry at us… all it would take is one little tap to set this thing off. Or what if he just absconds with it in the night? He could put that thing anywhere! Or what if we just hit a bump in the path just right? Then the more I think about it, as I watch Virgil and miss Mortie… is killing these Orcs right? Babies and adults alike… Gods help me I am going to do something regrettable… again…

Remember Father… I love you and always tried to do right.


Letters To My Father 8

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