Entry 1

To say that I’ve never been overly fond of cold weather would be a true understatement and yet here I am waking up each morning to frigid air and a stiff back. I would have to say my present company isn’t quite so appealing either. It’s been two weeks since my last successful job, all thanks to the curious gnome that has chosen to attach himself to my side. It’s not quite so simple to pilfer someone’s pocket when you have eyes continuously on you.

I’m hoping my luck may change soon, I’d like a more comfortable amount of gold so my nights can be spent in a bed rather than a bedroll on the ground. My original thoughts on coming to this tiny town was to take a breather and enjoy some wine before moving on. It seems now as if a break will be nonexistent here and more time will need to be spent making gold.

This morning was much of the same, waking to the cold early morning air and tearing down camp. Setting up with Caelus and Billeybob has been interesting to say the least. I’m so used to simply tearing down camp and moving on with my day, it’s different watching the specific routines that they have each morning. Of course Billeybob always seems to make things interesting, his ramblings this morning on the subject of magic seemed to be close to those of a mad man and for his short stature his pole vault was wholly impressive.

Impressive pole vaults aside, it has been interesting being with a group again after traveling alone for many years. My new shadow has proven to be quite the nuisance with his exuberant attitude. It seems he can’t often take a hint as well, regardless it has been less lonely the last few weeks on the road. The cleric’s innocence has proven to be of some entertainment value for me as well. With the low prospects of this town sticking with them has at least proven to be entertaining.

For my cohorts the Red Rock Inn and Tavern did not seem to hold as much information as they had initially hoped. However learning Caelus’s true purpose within this town was interesting. The thought of the end of the world puts a slight damper on my desired life style. After simply listening and observing the conversation I decided that it was in my best intention to follow and see if perhaps I could gain more information. Hence how I ended up following him to the massive temple located nearby.

I have never been one to follow religion or be overly comfortable. With my given profession I’ve been known to tip a glass of wine back in honor of Olidammara to gain his favor in my endeavors. The temple was strange to me and rather disconcerting in its extravagance, the only comfort was the overall lack of my new shadow. I didn’t truly want to associate with any of the “staff” of the temple and chose to more so focus on Caelus. It almost felt to me as if they may gain insight into my life if I spoke with them. With discovering her “Lady Grace” was giving a sermon, it became apparent we would have to return at a later, perhaps more convenient time.

Of course Caelus seemed to have a desire to learn of my own beliefs. Avoiding a straight answer seems to be simple enough with him. It is either he truly has no knowledge of what I am or he is simply that trusting. Many would know what I have done in the past for coin if I were to admit to my following of Olidammara.

Luck however did not seem entirely on my side as we yet again ran into Billeybob as he created a rope ladder. Luck continued to fail me as while in the market I failed to pilfer my target. I have apparently become rusty in the time I have been unable to “work”. It was truly disheartening to find what I was once so good at had become seemingly more difficult.

Regardless I continued onto the stockades with Caelus as he went to find ways to gain more information. Of course seeing the cells was rather unsettling albeit not a totally unfamiliar sight to me. It was easiest to keep to myself at the time, observing and listening as is often a favorite way of mine to gain information.

With more talk of the end of days it can be slightly concerning, however it almost seemed more so that these “visions” were simply horrendous nightmares from a man with an overactive imagination. What was more concerning were the actions of the girl in the other occupied cell. Her stringy hair and frame made her seem even more as if she were a caged animal over a human being. Her reaction to Caelus confused me at first as well. She was completely focused on hi, almost as if I did not exist in the slightest.

Thinking of how she had been taken in for attacking the temple made me consider Caelus’s position as a cleric. When I took his medallion from his person my unease with the girl grew as her eyes locked onto me. It was of great relief when the medallion was put away and she seemed to relax more. Noticing her distrust or unlikelihood of speaking with Caelus with the guards I chose to perhaps distract them to give him time. While I spoke with them I failed to gain their full attention and chose to instead gain information for myself. After all as a trained gypsy while I may be unable to currently pick a pocket I still have the ability to dance for some coin. With the lack of entertainment in the town it may be that that is my best option as well.

Once Caelus gained the information he needed he showed a desire to remove the girl from her cell. I found this entirely curious as well as an entirely horrid idea. I chose to still follow Caelus as he headed to the blacksmith. He seemed to have more luck then I lately as the blacksmith, while irritated with the weather, was willing to so heavily discount the manacles. It was amusing watching their conversation, as he offered the poor locks for free. He wasn’t far off, a simple lock such as those are second nature for someone such as I to pick.

Caelus seemed to not have as much gold as needed as we chose to leave and head to the temple instead of purchasing the manacles. Frustration set in as we yet again met up with the short in stature Billeybob. While he had managed to complete his rope ladder he wished to be caught up on what we had learned from our ventures. He also seemed to be unable to let a dead conversation go. That seems too often be how he functions though.

Entry 1

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