Entry 5

It seemed to me that the trek back to the temple was a particularly grueling one once the cleric and I had left the Magistrate’s residence. It is after all one circumstance to come across a living skeleton, it’s another to then also meet the living dead before they have finished rotting. I couldn’t help but find it sickening that someone would be willing to create such a horrid creature, let alone find a desire to. One would have to be truly disturbed to find the will to not only end someone’s life but then bring it back to command them. Necromancy at this level was never something that I felt I would come across in life. I was born a farmer’s daughter and grew into the life of a gypsy; magic of this caliber was not something I expected to see in my stars.

Luckily my thoughts managed to momentarily distract me from my state at the time. Covered in gore, I was practically drooling at the idea of washing as we ascended the stairs and walked the halls of the complex. I had even taken the time to consider requesting bath oils, even if it did come to me needing to pay for them. I was never one to like parting with my coin, it was usually my preference to borrow permanently without permission or at least haggle for my goods rather than pay full price. However after the events of the day I was much more willing to part with a few silver pieces for a the ability to spoil myself and relax for the evening.

It became apparent that my evening of relaxation would have to hold off as I heard voices coming from Billeybob’s room. In the time I had spent travelling with the wizard (much to my disdain) I had never known him to make friends. I wanted to curse my curiosity as rather then moving on and ignoring whatever may be in his room I stilled my feet before it and gently pushed the door open to peer inside. Three individuals I had never met before stood in the room as Billeybob remained laid out on his self-proclaimed “death bed”. One stood taller than any man I’ve ever laid eyes on and seemed to fawn over the wizard’s small stature. I was almost taken aback by his size and quickly glanced at the others in the room. There was also a dwarven woman in the room, occasionally speaking in hushed tones to the mountain of meat near Billeybob’s bed, and an abnormally silent human.

I assumed my usual roll in these sort of situations as Caelus came in and began speaking with them, standing off to the side and listening. An individual can learn a lot from listening and observing a situation. Often this was how I would find a target, I would spend time listening and observing, learning their patterns and at times their secrets. It made it easier to know where your place was in the situation, and in this situation I was not truly needed. The new comers had come to exterminate the rats that had already been taken care of and were curious as to the other occurrences they had heard of in this town. Caelus took the roll of relaying what had transpired thus far to them. I was merely Billeybob’s keeper, shushing him when he decided to be needy with his sickness that I could see he was already beginning to recover from.

When the talking was over I was all to relieved when I returned to my assigned room and prepared myself for a bath. The grime and gore were starting to make my skin feel as if it were crawling. I undid the braids in my hair and tucked away my newly acquired sword. I would have to find out at a later time if it was useful to bring it back, I wasn’t all too keen on pulling it out around the overly righteous Caelus and risk the back lash.

Entry 5

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