Entry 6

I spent another morning awoken by the chirping of birds and the chanting of the monks. I would never claim that the mornings in the temple were preferable, however, the bed provided to me was free and I had woken up in far worse situations previously. At first the chanting would make me feel uncomfortable in my own skin. That feeling quieted down the longer I remained in the complex. The chanting had become more of an irritating background noise that I had to listen to as I went through my morning routine. Even then after being able to wash the previous night, my demeanor was brighter than usual and not even the chirping birds and chanting dampened that.

I took my time in getting ready before leaving my chambers to eat a meager meal and meet with the rest of what was becoming a rather large group. I had to resist the urge to snort as I looked about what was now our group. While Billeybob was absent as he was still resting, our three new comers that had chosen to join us filled his place. I was still getting used to needing to confer with others about my actions; it just brought the new direction my life had taken to the fore front of my mind. It wasn’t long before it was decided that visiting the stockades would be our first course of action for the day. I remained quiet for the most part; I understood the need for Caelus to speak with Mila and the new comers’ desires to meet the prisoners.

It was as we were walking towards the stockade that I began devising a plan on how it was that I would speak with the guards. I had just the other day lied to Caelus about speaking with the guards on the matter of the Magistrate’s residence. My hope was that he would be distracted by Mila and the twins while I took the opportunity to speak with the guard captain who was surely there just as he always was. It wasn’t an ideal situation but it would have to do, and this time I had back up if things were to get ugly with the guards. I would just have to be quick in my actions. Caelus was far too trusting of these guards. In my life time I had not met a guard that I felt I could trust, let alone the guards in this village.

At the stockade I did my best to follow through with what I had originally planned and quickly relayed the situation with the Magistrate’s residence to the guards. It wasn’t without its hitches as I was sure that the cleric was still within ear shot, however it seemed that he didn’t even notice. He was far more interested in getting his own questions answered. My luck seemed to increase as our “Mountain of Meat”, Candy, over took the conversation with the Captain. It was momentarily entertaining watching him puff himself up and make an attempt to intimidate the Captain. My moment of amusement transformed to an attempt to keep a sneer off of my face as I observed the Captain. He merely settled himself further down into his seat and blatantly lied to our faces. I’ve told some terrible lies in my life but I’m not sure I’ve ever been so obvious about it as he was. Seems my gut remained true, never trust a guard.

We all left feeling rather unsatisfied with the information we had gathered from what I could gather. Candy seemed rather insistent on handling things ourselves considering the village seemed rather full of lies. I stayed quiet for the most part. I couldn’t help but agree with him on the notion of this village. Traveling most of my life had caused me to come across quite a few seedy places however none seemed quite as off as this place. Who would believe that my itch for a good glass of wine would cause me to end up with the “Merry band of Misfits” I was now a part of. All I could truly be thankful for at the moment was that I would no longer the only one telling Caelus that he was far too trusting. Perhaps it would come to it that he would finally understand.

I chose to follow the group to the local apothecary as well as they went on a mission to get ingrediants for something that would “help” Billeybob. Gods know I could use all the help I could get when I came down to keeping the gnome in check. For such a small creature he managed to make a hell of a lot of noise with his mouth. I also couldn’t help but be curious as to our new compatriots. I wanted to observe them further, learn as much as I could about them. So there I was, standing in the apothecary and observing.

When the conversation turned to a “shiftier” topic, I had to stifle my laughter, at times unsuccessfully, at the obvious discomfort Caelus showed as the door was locked. This was nothing new to me. Locked doors, shifty conversation, illegal goods and plans – at one point in time this was my life. I lived for all of this, the sneaking around and hiding. Even now the thrill of it all was coming back to me. It almost ended too quickly for me as the door was opened with the failure of any deal being made. My amusement of the situation did not cause me to muss the sudden lag of the dwarf and the silent warrior. There was a part of me that wanted to hang back with them and figure out what it was they were up to. For a moment I even turned my head and looked back. Ultimately I continued forward with the others, more interested in speaking with them and Lady Grace.

Entry 6

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