Journal - Session Five - Fresh New Faces

(Session 4.5)

I have not seen Brigid or Caelus all day they must have left town and forgotten about me. I can hear the mumbelings of the people in the halls. The clergy come in from time to time to check on me. They must be able to see it them self that I am fading fast. The are nice and bring me water and food but I am having some trouble keeping the food done. The weather outside looks kind of nice i can see it thought my bedroom window.

I must have fallen asleep because when i cam to there was knocking at my door. I called them in (this is off normal the clergy just come in with a single knock). 0_0 The door opens and i see this massive figure in the door OOO God it must be death I thought he would be a scrawny guy. Then he walk’s into the door and I see 2 people behind him a shorter chubbier figure and a tall slender figure. After they are fully in the room i can see that it is actually a large male orc, a female dwarf, and a human male.

They introduce themselves as Candy, Ollie, and the human says nothing but they call him bait. They inform me that Lady Grace has sent them to me in order to discuss joining for forces to talk out the skeleton problem pegging this place. I inform them that it is not my decision and it will be up to Caelus who is currently out. We make small talk and wait for Caelus and Brigid’s return.

After Caelus and Brigid return we discuss joining forces and agree that it is probably for the best. Candy ironical gives me a piece of candy to help make me feel better. They decide to call it a night until i feel better. Which may never happen.

Journal - Session Five - Fresh New Faces

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